Tami’s New Look on Life

Tami’s New Look on Life

I love my wife Honey very dearly. One problem is that she has very weird friends. One of them is a woman named Tami. Shew is very insecure and always focused on her looks. Nothing else in the world matters to her. She constantly cries to her friends about the minor wrinkles on her face. She calls my wife every day and night to complain. My wife is a very nice person, but even she also has her limits. Tami will do anything for the perfect look. She has been researching an aesthetic doctor in Singapore. Hopefully, he will give Tami the results she wants. She might finally stop annoying us.

Tami went berserk last week when she saw new wrinkles around her eyes. She was besides herself. She was almost hysterical. She called my wife on the phone and was at the brink of crying her eyes out. My wife felt so bad for her.

Tami’s vanity has cost her many friendships. Despite being insecure, Tami always claimed that she was the best looking out of all of her peers. She felt that her looks made her in a higher social class than everyone else. This belief rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. She has even been in a couple of physical altercations with other females at school. Honey was one of the few friends that stuck by her.

Tami’s obsession with her looks also affected her romantic relationships as well. Moat of her boyfriends get tired of her complaining of her look. They often said that she was vain and did not pay attention to their needs. They did not want a woman that was obsessed with her looks. She lost two engagements because of her obsession. The doctor might also fix her relationships.

I hope the doctor can help her. Tami needs all the help she can get.

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